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Hello, my name is Patty Garrison, and I’m an occupational therapist at UF Health. I earned my bachelor of health science in occupational therapy from the University of Florida, laying the foundation for my lifelong commitment to the field.

My journey into occupational therapy began unexpectedly during high school when I sustained a knee injury. While undergoing treatment at a therapy clinic, I was introduced to the transformative potential of both physical and occupational therapy. With a career spanning over three decades, I’m dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of children facing neurological challenges such as brachial plexus injuries and other neurological conditions.

As a mother of nine children, four of whom have varying abilities, I bring a deep sense of empathy to my work. My specialization lies in treating children of all ages with brachial plexus injuries and other neurological conditions. My goal as an OT is to assist patients and their families in navigating the challenges associated with these conditions, enabling them to play independently and perform daily self-care tasks with confidence.

Beyond my clinical focus, I am actively involved in data gathering related to the treatment of individuals with autism. This research aims to determine the effects of our interventions on their daily functioning.

In my personal life, I find joy in playing with my 6 grandchildren and savoring moments of relaxation, whether in the pool, at the beach or simply spending quality time with loved ones. As a proud grandmother and dedicated occupational therapist, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of those I serve, fostering independence and well-being through compassionate care.

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