Heather M Hantak

Heather M Hantak, PT

Phys Therapist

Business Email: hhan0001@shands.ufl.edu

About Heather M Hantak

Hello, my name is Heather Hantak, a physical therapist at UF Health. I hold a master of science degree in physical therapy from Washington University in St. Louis.

My journey began with an initial pursuit of engineering in college, but my passion for helping people and combining it with my love for math, science, fitness and sports led me to change my path. I found my calling in pediatric physical therapy, where I get to witness the incredible growth and development of children with various ages and diagnoses.

From newborns to teenagers, I find joy in working with a diverse range of pediatric cases, including torticollis, developmental concerns, toe walking, genetic disorders and neuromuscular disorders. In addition, one of my specialties is serial casting kids for contractures at various joints.

My greatest fulfillment comes from helping kids achieve their gross motor goals and empowering their families to play an active role in their children’s success. Beyond my professional life, I enjoy jogging, reading and leisurely walks. However, my ultimate source of happiness is spending quality time with my loving family—my husband and two teenage daughters.

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